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Widane Rules & Regulations
  09-13-2018, 12:34 PM (This post was last modified: 12-20-2019, 03:05 PM by Area Master.)
Widane Rules & Regulations

[1] Registering

[1.1] To register in Widane forum, you should use an email from our accepted email service providers. Currently we only accept email addresses of these services,
  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo

Use only email addresses from these services, and do not use any kind of disposable email services to register. Doing so will force us to Ban you from our forum.

[1.2] Each visitor is allowed to use one and only one account on the forum without special permission from an administrator or moderator.

[1.3] Please use a decent username. Administrators and moderators have rights to suspend your account if they think your username is not suitable in this Forum.

[1.4] Use a strong password. Even Administrators can\'t see your password. Hence you are fully responsible about your password.

[2] Posting

[2.1] Please do not mention other forums in Widane forum. It is prohibited to post any name, link, URL or any kind of mentions of other forums in public, under any circumstance. Do not even use your signature to promote other forums in this forum. Doing so will force us to ban you.

[2.2] Spamming is prohibited. You'll be banned immediately if you spammed the forum.

[2.3] Keep dead posts as dead; Do not bring them up unless your reply is useful and important to the community

[2.4] Please select the most suitable category when you post a new thread. And choose a good topic for your thread. It helps other members to get a clear idea about your thread.

[2.5] If you post a thread about E-money or E-money related websites, you should provide payment proofs. Otherwise It will be considered as a spam.

[2.6] Users have full responsible for their postings. Do not post copyrighted materials. If we receive a note about copyright violations on a content on the forum, we have to remove that content.

[2.7] Do not abuse the signature feature. Do not violate the rules while using a signature. You can't use more than two images in the signature. But do not use unnecessarily big (width and height) images for the signature.

[3] Trades

[3.1] Widane forum does not support Buy & Selling.

[3.2] We do not have any responsible about anything you are selling or buying something on this website. We only provide a communication between buyer and seller. It is your responsible to be aware about scams.

[4] Personal Information

[4.1] We encourage you not to share your personal/sensitive information with other members. If you share, Widane forum does not have any responsible for the information you share.

[5] Community

[5.1] Widane forum respects every member's personal aspects. Do not use the board to insult other members.

[5.2] Do not post anything insulting any religion, race, or personal attitude of another member.

[5.3] You are free to criticize others ideas, writings, works. However, make sure it is not personal. Your criticism should be useful to the community.

[5.4] Do not engage in flames (Flaming is a hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users, often involving the use of profanity. It can also be the swapping of insults back and forth or with many groups teaming up on a single victim).

[5.5] Always respect the staff members.

[6] Miscellaneous

[6.1] Follow the Rules & Regulation, Always !

[6.2] If you found any violation of above rules & regulation unnoticed by a Moderator or an Administrator, please inform them.

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